Welcome! I am so happy to have you join me in this spiritual journey!


My intention is for this site to answer many of your questions about what I do and how I do it- however, if I have left something unanswered, please do contact me for more information! 

A little about me:

First and foremost, I am a soul having a human experience! And in this human experience, I am finding my way back to my soul!


What does this all mean??


This means, I am trained and licensed as a psychotherapist.  I have had a private psychotherapy practice since 2009- coincidently, 2009 is when I first started to explore my spirituality. 

2018-07-31 Liz Varney - Clear and Now He

I started my journey with what I now affectionately call, my spiritual gateway drug: Reiki!


To be totally honest, I took Reiki 1 and 2 without fully believing in energy healing, and was not even sure that it was doing anything at all!  And yet, I felt drawn to keep seeking...

I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2011, and with my curiosity and courage now piqued, I sought out a year long individual intuitive mentorship program the following year. In 2013, I attended a weekend presentation of three amazing mediums who stunned me with their accurate and detailed readings of audience members' loved ones. After that profound experience, I was sold. I said to myself, "That's what I want, I want to be a medium!" I sat in fear for a few months until I took my first mediumship class in the fall of 2013.


As I began to explore mediumship, I became curious about all forms of spiritual connection and use of intuition. I explored lots of intuitive modalities, such as, reading the Akashic Records, oracle card reading, and animal communication. 


By 2016, I started feeling like it was time for me to fly from the safety nest of classes out into the real world, and so I asked Spirit to help me do so... long story short, here I am providing intuitive readings, mentorship and teaching to those seeking spiritual support and guidance. I continuously strive to bring all my gifts to each reading in order to provide you the healing that Spirit feels you need most! 


Through my journey, I have thought a lot about how to describe what I feel without falling into category that is easily dismissed as "crazy."


For me, the definition of "intuitive," "psychic," or "medium" is simply the practice of getting out of the way to allow Spirit to guide me. Sometimes it feels like my own Spirit guiding me, and sometimes it feels like an energy that is outside of myself. Mostly, I stopped trying to make sense of it, as it is not at all logical! For me, using my intuition is what happens when I step out of my logic mind and take the risk to speak from an inspired place. I completely trust that the interaction that happens between you and I is completely guided - no matter what happens-but when you confirm the information been helpful to you moving forward, then I am confirmed that something truly special has occurred. 

Providing intuitive readings has been as rewarding, exciting, and as interesting to me, as it has been to those who have blessed me with the privilege to work with them. While there are often themes that are shared amongst many of us, each soulful reading has its own unique energy and information that applies just to you. This work has not only deepened my awe in all things human, it has allowed me to find profound love and honor for the beautiful souls who accompany me on this earth. I am so grateful to have you here!

There is much more to share, so please email me if you have more questions! 


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