The "Akasha" is said to be an energy field which holds all the information that has happened over time. The Akashic Records are the records of your soul, which contains information about your soul's journey over the time of its existence.


In an Akashic Soul Reading, you will come to the reading prepared to ask questions about your life. You will gain greater understanding and perspective on each question you ask. You may also ask about past lives that may be affecting you now. 


Reading your Akashic Records means that I will be accessing information that has to do with your soul journey. From this soul perspective, you can gain healing, information, perspective, direction, and understanding for your life and all that has happened in your soul journey thus far. During our reading, we will be having a three way communication. You will speak to me, I will speak to the Records, and then translate back to you what I receive from them. You will have opportunities to ask a lot of questions, clarification, and follow up questions to the information you receive.


As with any intuitive reading, you must remember you have free will. You are completely in charge of your life and your journey, and must remember that if something said to you during a reading does not feel right for you, then it must not be for you!


The Akashic Records will not make predictions about the future, nor will they tell you what decisions to make. They will give you options and discuss possibilities and potentials, but it is up to you to be empowered in your life to decide which choices are best for you.


Please always feel free to speak up during our time together if there is something you do not understand, or does not feel like the information is right for you. I will also be asking along the way to make sure we are accurately connecting to your information.


The Akashic Records are 100% supportive and only provide information for your highest good and healing. They are completely loving and only want the best for you in your journey. The Records are respectful of you, and therefore, they want you to ask for information rather than information being told to you without your request.It is best to have some questions prepared for our time together, however, I will also help you along by suggesting questions based on my own intuition.


Please review the basic questions and some topic ideas that I have listed to the right on this page. The more specific you make your questions, the better information that comes forward. There is nothing off limits to ask about. The Akashic Readings do not predict the future but may give you valuable information for making decisions and may help you understand your souls mission, lessons, and goals.

Akashic Reading 60 Min.

  • Many people wonder, "Won't this work better if I come in person?" 


    The answer is No! The readings work the same whether you are in-person or over the phone.


    As an inutitive reader, I actually prefer to work over the phone because it is easier to make my main focus and connection remain with the divine! So don't hesitate if a phone call works better for you!