As of Oct 29, 2020, I will be on a writing sabbatical from live phone or video readings. Please consider using an email reading during this time or working with one of my trusted colleagues:


Christabeth Ingold

Dave Eyerman

Seana Zelazo


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Select this service for any 60 minute reading. 


To confirm that my schedule lines up with your reading desires, please feel free to email me before purchase at


For more information about Akashic Readings, please check out my Prepare page before your reading. 


Coming prepared to a reading ensures you will have a great reading! My readings are intended to be helpful and healing to those in need.


While our time together can be lots of fun, scheduling a reading just "to see what happens" is not the way I work best.  Setting clear intentions and having a soulful reason for the reading brings enhanced energy and connection to our time together, and allows me and Spirit to truly help you.


If you are unsure if a reading is right for you, please feel free to consult me. 



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  • Many people wonder, "Won't this work better if I come in person?" 


    The answer is No! The readings work the same whether you are in-person or over the phone.


    As an inutitive reader, I actually prefer to work over the phone because it is easier to make my main focus and connection remain with the divine! So don't hesitate if a phone call works better for you!