Would you like help creating your own spiritual business? Are you curious about some specific area of intution, coaching, spirituality or energy that you think I may be able to help you with? Reach out! I would be happy to help design a program just for you. 


Session lenght and costs will all be adjusted based on goals and needs. 


Here is an example of a recent Design Your Own program for a student would would like to start a business in conducting sacred house clearings: 


Mediumship and House Clearing Certificate Program




To develop strong and clear energetic boundaries and spiritual hygiene.

To develop a strong foundation in working with spirit energies.

Develop proficiency in spirit communication via traditional mental mediumship

Develop tools for working with intuition and mediumship for house clearing purposes.

Develop a house assessment process and house clearing plan with follow up care for families.

Embrace your inner Alchemist!


Foundational Skills


Grounding, Protection and Clearing


  • Establishing a grounding practice before reading and knowing

  • Establishing a ritual of protection before each reading or clearing with the use of guides, higher beings, or other tools

  • Establishing practice of clearing energy after each reading using guides, higher beings or other tools


Exploring the Intuitive senses


  • Exploring use of all of the “clairs”

  • Establishing process with predominate clair

  • Developing confidence

Mediumship Development


Traditional Mediumship: Connecting into the loved ones of the living


  • Proficiency in landing a spirit link and providing evidence to confirm spirit's identity, using at least 4 of the following identifiers


    Age range



    Energy or essence

    Profession or hobby

    Specific physical traits and appearance identifiers

    Applicable message for the sitter from the spirit

    Flexibility in establishing spirit link in a variety of ways

    Indirect Vs. direct

    Specific name or relationship


    Establish comfort in reading in a variety of ways

    Over the phone


    In person

    With a Photo (optional)

    With a Name (optional)



House Clearing Basics


Understanding clearings


  • Exploring reasons a house would need a clearing from light to dark

    New space wanting a clearing or blessing

    Trauma event or major change in the household (divorce, burglary, death etc)

    Spiritual opening for the house member

    Outward projection of a household member's psychology (fears, mental health, spiritual awakening)

    Historical trauma to the land or history of the property

    Spirits connected to the land or property that are unresolved or resonant with current owners

    Other entities


House assessment


  • Remote viewing

  • House walk through

  • Working with layers of energy


    Current home energy

    Energy influence of living residents

    Energy of deceased ones present

  • Assessing friendly and helpful energies vs. harmful energies

  • Establishing meaning for the client

  • Pulling in the energy of the family

  • Presentation to the family on your findings


Clearing plan


  • Working with intuition based on what is called for

    Clearing plan and follow up

  • Working with the homeowners to assist in empowerment

    Providing ongoing work for family to maintain healthier energy



Student comes in with some experience of connecting with spirit energies and has done one practice remote viewing session in class.



Session 1: Remote viewing intro

Practice: Remote viewing of XX home


Session 2: Exploration of Mediumship Space (ritual), use of Guide, and creating process

Homework: At home practice with ritual and guide


Session 3: Enhancing Mediumship through work with evidence.

Homework: Practice reading


Session 4: Review of practice reading and feedback. Mediumship Enhancement through increasing speed.

Homework: Multiple spirit practice reading


Session 5: Enhancing Mediumship through sentience, emotion, empathy

Homework: Zoom reading


Session 6: Energies across the spectrum from light to dark, a discussion


Session 7: Review of home reading, and assessment of current tools

Homework: Interview with an occultist


Session 8: Reading a home in layers- history to current

Homework: Practice


Session 9: Interplay between spirit and home-owner, whats the link?

Homework: Practice


Session 10: Treatment plan and execution

Homework: Practice


Session 11: Developing business plan and starting process

Homework: Execution of plan




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