Email readings offer ease to getting general feedback and guidance on your quesiton.


*Use the form on this page to submit your quesitons. If you need more room, please email with your additional information.


Tips on asking questions:


1. The Akashic does not predict. Questions about "when" or "where" or what will happen in the future will not be answered. You will be provided feedback on the topic, but you will not get predictive information. "When and where" questions usually suggest a presence of anxiety, inpatience, or confusion. Instead of asking "When or Where," consider asking about the anxiety, inpatience or confusion. 


2. Be specific. Instead of a general questions like "what's my purpose," add a detail in about what you are currently doing or what you want to do, and gain additional direction or feedback to help you hone in. 


3. When asking about a person, include their first name and relationship to you. If you have a confusing situation specifically, share your perspective on it. For example "Looking for guidance on my reliationship wth my sister, Lauren. We have had a long standing contentious relationship."


4. If you ask about a relationship with someone that you are having a good relationship with, you will likely not get too much information on it. The Akashic is here to help you get unstuck, to help you understand where there is no understanding, to help you move forward with peace. If you are already at peace with a situaiton, you likely don't need to get more perspective on it!


The Akashic wants to help you understand deeper and beyond what you already know, to avoid getting information that you already know, share where you are at and where you are stuck.


For additional information, you may wish to look at my "Prepare" tab on my website.

Loooking forward to connecting with you!! 

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