About a Tarot Energy Reading:


Tarot will help you hone in on understanding the specifics of the current situation with special attention on your own mind and subconciouse energy. The Tarot will illuminate themes for you and will also provide some options for you to consider to move foward.


This is not a reading that will predict the future. The intention is for you to see even deeper into yourself and any sitatuion that you are encountering, to give you more claritiy to move foward. 


Some tarot spreads I may use:

In depth personality (about you and a challenge you are having)

Relationship dynamics (between you and someone else)

New venture or pursuit (obstacles, gains, short and long term goals, strengths, weakness)

Soulful Learning (subsconscious influences, karmic learning, possible paths to take)

And more! 


You may ask up to 3 questions. 


Tips on asking Tarot questions:


1. You can give simply a topic, or give a specific part of the topic that you would like more clarity on. For instance: "Insight into Career" or "Struggling in love relationships"

Or you may expand upon that, for instance:  "I am thinking of changing careers and have applied to many jobs and have not received feedback, what can the cards offer about me changing careers?"


2. The Tarot will not predict the future. We will give you options moving foward. Please try to reframe any "when will this" or "will this happen" questions to a more option "What can the cards offer me around... " or "What can I do to help me move on to ..."


For assistance or more room for your questions, please feel free to email lizvarneymedium@gmail.com after your purchase. 


Please allow up to 5 business days for your email to be delivered to your inbox.


Intuitive readings are meant for contemplation, curiosity, and to offer a different point of view. My readings are not to be used as replacement for medical, psychological, finanical, or legal advice. Always consult a licensed professional. You are an empowered human who possesses the birthright to decide your best course of action. I will alway support you in making your own decisions based on what feels right for you. 

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