Mediumship is the art of connecting to the Spirit of your deceased loved ones, friends, family, and even acquaintences, on the other side.


During an Intutive Mediumship reading, I will connect with the spirit of your dearly departed loveds ones. Each Spirit will come through with identifiying information about who they are, and will come forward with a message for you. You will also receive the benefits of intuitive guidance, encouragment and healing to help you along your path. 


My mediumship style continues to shift and evolve, yet one thing is always true: my sessions are about peace and healing!


Spirit knows how to best use me and tends to give me lots of information about the Spirit's personality, relationships, human journey, and inner workings- just the things that I have dedicated so much of my life to understanding! My evidence comes in the form of a sense of knowing the Spirit deeply, and then conveying this deep undertsanding to you. Because Spirit knows about my knowledge and connection to the Akashic Realm, they will often share from the deep soul understanding as well, helping you come into a greater spiriutal understanding for your loved ones on the other side. 


My work in mediumship can be summed up in the word "surrender."  In each session, I strive to surrender my control, my wishes, my desires, my wants, in order to fully receive what Spirit has come to share. I encourage you to take this approach as well! Being completely open to receiving who comes through, and what messages they have to share will ensure you walk away feeling loved and supported. 

Intuitive Mediumship Reading 60 Min