Head into the new year with clear intentions and a monthly focus card for your growth and developement- all delivered right to your email! 


As you know, I do not use prediction or prophecy, so for this 12 month Tarot Spread, we will be asking the cards to give you a focus for each month of the year to help you feel grounded, focused and clear about your path to greatness!


Your one-time email write up will include information for all 12 months: a photo of your 12 cards, plus a write up for each month inspired by the Tarot cards, and of course, we will allow a little Akashic information to come in as well! Each month will offer a mantra, exercise or affirmation to work with. 


Choose from a General Spread, Focus on Love, Focus on Career, or Focus on Spirituality. Gift Certificate option also available! 


Please allow 5 full business days to receive your email reading to your inbox. For purchases on Friday, Sat or Sunday, please allow up until Friday of the following week to receive your reading. 


I will be on vacation from 12/23 until 1/3. Readings purchased during this time will be returned by 1/6.  Gift Certificates will be able to be emailed to you up until 12/24 and then again after 1/3. 



2021 Monthly Focus Email Reading

12 Monthly Focus Tarot Email Reading